— Quilchena Elementary, Vancouver,BC

Gym Sense is a wonderful program for children. The students at Quilchena School have participated enthusiastically for several years. This is a fun developmental program. It is amaing to see the growth in skills and their eagar participation of the gymnastics staions. Quilchena loves Gym Sense.

— Ecole des Navigateuers, Richmond, BC

The organization of the teacher was remarkable. She had very good techniques
for keeping the children on task. Her use of the french language was an
asset in our school.

— Tecumseh Elementary, Vancouver, BC

I have avoided gymnastics in the school gym for years. This program provided a safe way for my students to learn basic skills that transfer to overall fitness, balance, co-ordination and agility. They had fun and eventually came to challenge themselves. The glee of achievment was the most fun for me to watch.

— St. Patrick’s School, Maple Ridge, BC

Incorporating gymnastics into my PE program enables my kindergarten students to expand their range of physcial activity. Lucinda of Gym Sense is a knowledgeable instructor who always has a great rapport with my students. She provides a positive, safe environment and creates fun activties for my students. A terrific addition to any PE program.

—Sir Richard McBride Elementary Vancouver, BC

A great program that encourages students to build confidence and increase large motor skills, core strength and balance.